Phoenix In-ear Scanner

The retail solution for true custom-fit earphones


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The future of earphones

The technology you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived

3Shape Phoenix In-ear Scanner provides the optimal customer experience for custom fit in-ear products by eliminating impression taking, shipping, the need for wax inspection and wax removal for the first time. Being non-intrusive, easy-to-use and portable, you can scan in stores or office environments or even capture scans in public venues during large events; wherever your customers are, you can sell.

A new earphone experience

Create a unique in-store experience

Adding a 3Shape Phoenix to your store gives you a unique opportunity to stand out from your competitors, increase traffic in stores, and provide an incredible customer experience. It only takes a few minutes meaning that large volumes of customers can experience it.

The new 3Shape Phoenix creates high-resolution optical scans of your customers’ ears for selling perfectly-fitted earphones offering unmatched sound quality and comfort.

4 steps Phoenix

The Phoenix eco-system

The retail-friendly solution to customize earphone brands

3Shape provides all the hardware, software, training and support necessary to run the compact and mobile Phoenix scanner anywhere in the store. It’s ready to use out-of-the-box and has the proven reliability to handle large volumes of customers.

Experience in-store scanning and printing

True custom-fit earphones

Differentiate your products from other earphone brands while giving your customers the ultimate in sound quality and comfort with the 3Shape Phoenix. Create true custom-fit earphone adaptors or in-ear monitors that deliver an excellent listening experience that turns your customers into brand ambassadors.

Paul Jobin

“We have had great success using the 3Shape Phoenix In-ear Scanner to create custom fit earphones at our Snugs Stations in retail stores including Selfridges, London, Brown Thomas, Dublin and Grand Audition, Paris.

For many years we have looked for a technology which is able to make an accurate impression of the customer´s ear – with 3Shape we finally found the right partner.”

Paul Jobin
CEO and Founder of Snugs Earphones Ltd.

Deliver outstanding sound quality and comfort

True custom-fit

True custom-fit

Create earphones that match the exact shape and size of your customers’ ears for unparalleled comfort.

High fidelity sound

High fidelity sound

Custom-fit earphones deliver sound the way it was meant to be heard, increasing customer satisfaction.

Ready for sports

Ready for sports

Create adaptors that lock wireless earphones into place and keep them there. Perfect for sports lovers and those that are always on the move.

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