3Shape Clear Aligner Studio® for labs


Your all-in-one clear aligner software solution

Want to unlock new business for your lab? Our innovative all-in-one clear aligner software solution opens up for clear aligner treatments in an intuitive, integrated workflow.

Get a guided workflow

Easily scan, design, and prepare clear aligner files for production in an integrated, guided workflow.

Complete treatment control

Get full control over every step of the design process.

Increase design efficiency

Save time and increase efficiency with new automated features including ID tagging, attachment sizing and placing, and more.

Accompanying hardware

Planning and designing clear aligner treatments starts with an accurate impression. You can either work with TRIOS intraoral scans, scans from a wide-range of other intraoral scanners, or scan the model with one of our lab scanners. More about our award-winning scanners.

About Clear Aligner Studio

Clear aligners represent one of the fastest growing areas within dentistry. Our advanced, all-in-one software solution integrates all steps in the clear aligner production process, from planning to production preparation, to give your lab a clear advantage over the competition.

Clear Aligner Workflow for labs

From scanning and diagnostics, to setup and staging, to clear aligner production preparation - our studio software gives you full control over your workflow.

How does it work?

Seamless integration with intraoral and lab scanners

Clear Aligner Studio is compatible with 3Shape and 3rd party intraoral and lab scanners.

Automatic attachment placing and sizing

Configure placing and sizing once for future, automatic implementation.

Automatic ID tags

User-configurable ID tags are placed automatically on all models.

Automatic number of aligners

The software automatically calculates the number of aligners you need for treatment, based on defined tooth movement.

Tooth-specific movement constraints

Define individual tooth movement per aligner.

Setup and staging assistance

Timeline and waypoint adjustments improve visualization of tooth movement.

Generate automatic reports

Document that orthodontic treatment goals are met. Reports feature a customized logo.

”Clear Aligner Studio has a tremendous impact on the efficiency in our laboratory. The amount of time necessary to spend on a specific case has reduced probably 30%.”

Bernhard Egger, Natural Esthetics lab owner (Germany)

Service, packages and additional information

Our software comes with a wealth of options in terms of subscription or no-subscription service packages, training & support, software packages and additional features and functionality. Explore your options below.

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