LabCare subscription options for any need and budget

3Shape lets you choose between two service agreements. 3Shape's LabCare subscription package gives you high value services plus the option to protect your investment with an attractive warranty and scanner replacement agreement. Or you can choose the Basic package – a no-subscription program offering limited services free of charge.

Expert Training

Expert Training

All Dental System users have access to training and learning channels such as local hands-on training, open training events, online webinars, integrated Training Center, instruction videos and manuals. Over 20 in-house training specialists work daily to ensure that users become familiar with all their system’s features, and get the most out of their investment.

Global Support

Unlimited Upgrades

LabCare ensures that your system represents a future-safe investment that grows stronger and more competitive. 3Shape releases one major system upgrade every year, packed with new indications and workflows, and supplemental upgrading with extra features, more libraries, and new validated interfaces.

Unlimited Access

Global Support

LabCare ensures rapid assistance in your local language and time zone. Primary local 1st line support is provided by certified 3Shape representatives. Behind them stands a multi-language 2nd line support force of more than 30 in-house 3Shape experts for special cases. 3Shape’s Support & Service centers are strategically placed all over the globe.

Contact your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region or country.

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