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Unleash your lab’s creative potential

Digital dental design doesn’t get any better than this. With our latest CAD/CAM software for labs, dental technicians can spend time doing what they are best at: craftsmanship and artistry.


Design digital dentures

Get access to the market’s most advanced denture software. Design dentures and connect with major libraries and manufacturers in a single smooth workflow.

New Splint Studio*

This is what you have been waiting for: a fast and intuitive CAD software that makes it both easy and productive for labs to create splints, night guards and protectors.
Read more about 3Shape Splint Studio

Automated workflow

Let the system automatically create design proposals of single crowns and copings for your gypsum cases. Then use powerful tools to inspect and correct the design if needed during any step in the workflow.

About the accompanying hardware

Creating accurate and efficient dental designs with CAD software requires high quality scans. 3Shape scanners are renowned for their high speed and documented accuracy. We offer the full range of scanners, from entry level to advanced speed scanning. Read more about our award-winning dental scanners.

Why Dental System?

Is your lab ready for the changing dental industry? Are you ready to become the dentists’ most important partner? Make them more efficient, enable them to offer better patient experience and get the most out of today’s technologies? Dental System is a solution that lets you focus on craftsmanship and creativity while the software does the rest. No matter the size of your lab, Dental System will enable you to become more productive and provide profitable services such as dentures, clear aligners, smile designs, surgical guides, splints and more. And it gives you free access to an open system of design services, libraries, as well as third-party intraoral scanners, mills and 3D printers.

How does it work?

Dental System is designed by dental technicians for dental technicians to cost-effectively deliver the highest quality and largest selection of prosthetics to lab customers.

The widest range of treatment workflows

You might be a full-service lab. Or a specialist lab. Or maybe you specialize now but want to expand later according to the developing needs of your dentist clients. No matter your range of services, our software lets you pick just the treatment workflows and packages that fit your business – so that you can grow and stay ahead step by step. 3Shape is renowned for its unrivaled range of treatment workflows covering the diverse needs and preferences of dentists and their patients. Choose now, expand later to stay ahead.

Even faster for large system setups

For large system setups, it is now up to 10 times faster than before to start new cases, re-open previously designed cases and import and export material settings. Downloading cases is done in the background, to free your workstation for other tasks. And our new guide helps you with setting up a client-server system for optimal productivity.

Automated workflow for design proposals with just a click

Let the system automatically create design proposals of single crowns and copings for gypsum cases and use powerful tools to inspect and correct only when needed. The automated workflows boost productivity and give you more time to focus on the more complex and profitable cases.

Beautiful gingiva for implant bridges

If you’re doing implant bridges, you know that adjusting gingiva in an esthetical manner can be time-consuming. Our improved workflow for single layer full anatomy and cut-back implant bridges now ensures that the gingiva will snap to the teeth in an esthetically natural manner. It looks better, and gives you a faster workflow.

Fit designs with true dynamic occlusion

3Shape TRIOS intraoral scans come to the lab with recorded data showing the real patient specific motion. This makes it possible for dental technicians to fit designs according to the true dynamic occlusion and give patients highly functional restorations.

Unleash your craftsmanship with Smile Libraries

Create top quality designs for your customers with access to 100+ tooth libraries composed by some of the world’s most skilled dental technicians.

NEW Amazing smile libraries in Dental System

To inspire and involve patients and dentists, Przemek Seweryniak and Kate Brantvik created the book titled “Fabulous Smiles”. The book shows actual smiles, based on gender and age, that patients can select from the 18 amazing libraries in Dental System.

Create beautiful smiles and connect 2D smile designs with 3D

3Shape Smile Design enables extremely fast and easy creation of digital smile designs with photo-realistic simulations to show and engage patients. Achieve great results. Use the digital smile design with the patient’s photo to guide your 3D restorative design in Dental System’s RealView Engine.

Unrivaled versatility and integration

  • Receive intra-oral scans from any intra-oral scanner in the market
  • Design services – connect directly with trusted 3rd party designers
  • Providers of 80+ implant libraries and multiple denture and smiles libraries
  • Material libraries
  • Connect with 3rd party mills and 3D printers
  • 3Shape integrated solutions

List of Milling Machines and 3D Printers supported by 3Shape Dental System

Service, packages and additional information

Our software comes with a wealth of options in terms of subscription or no-subscription service packages, training & support, software packages and additional features and functionality. Explore your options below.

A more forgiving process

“Doing dentures digitally makes the process so much easier, more forgiving, predictable and faster.” Read how Dr. Valerie Cooper creates low cost, functional dentures using a digital workflow and in-house printer in the case study.

A full arch workflow

A patient suffering from parodontitis is in need of a full denture. Deep dive into how an intraoral scan and Smile Design helped Germen Versteeg with a digital full arch workflow.

Read case study

All case studies

Get training and help

If you’re new to digital dentistry and could use a hand getting started with your software, or a practiced digital technician seeking to enhance your skills, we are here to assist you. 3Shape’s Youtube channel offers a wealth of Dental System training videos covering design workflows, system configuration, tips and tricks. For more in depth training, your reseller can tailor training programs to match to your needs. The 3Shape Community takes it even further with webinars and discussions for 3Shape customers. Join also the 3Shape Community – a professional platform for you to expand your knowledge and network with labs and clinics around the globe.

*Splint Studio is not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the US.
Contact your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region or country.

Ready to unleash your lab’s creative potential?

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