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Start offering more implant services

You want to give your lab a boost? Start offering prosthetically driven implant planning and surgical guide design. With our implant planning software, you are the first in line to also design and produce the implant restorations.

Full range of indications

From single or multiple implants to full edentulous cases, design 3D printed temporary screw-retained crowns* for same-day implant dentistry and custom tooth-supported or bone-supported* surgical guides in one smooth workflow.

Predictable implant planning

Prosthetic driven implant planning enables a more efficient workflow for the dentist and better outcomes for the patients.

Same-day implant dentistry

Design and produce cost-efficient surgical guides and temporary or final restorations in one workflow, so your dentist can offer same-day implant dentistry to their patients.

Open, integrated workflows

With open integrations, you are never limited to a certain workflow or manufacturer and you have the flexibility to change workflows in the future.

Accompanying hardware

Digital implant treatment planning requires accurate impressions. You can use any DICOM and .STL file in Implant Studio, but for consistency and best in class accuracy, we recommend you combine our TRIOS precision intraoral scanner with the clinical insight that our X1* CBCT scanner gives you. More about our award-winning scanners.

Why Implant Studio?

When working on implant cases, you want predictability and consistency. With 3Shape Implant Studio, you leverage digital technology to offer your dentists predictable results based on prosthetic driven implant planning. You can expand your offering by delivering the complete package – surgical guide and temporary or final prosthetic solution – to the dentist before the day of surgery.

The digital implant workflow

From implant planning, surgical guide and prosthetics design to the actual surgery, Implant Studio means a better way to work for you and more comfort for patients.

How does it work?

Our implant planning software is based on three principles: intended final restoration, available bone and the overall clinical situation. The solution increases treatment predictability and helps deliver a better outcome.

Plan any implant treatment

You can do single and multiple implants or fully edentulous cases in Implant Studio.

Design custom surgical guides

Design customized tooth supported or bone-supported surgical guides for a less invasive surgery that’s more comfortable for the patient.

Enable same-day implant dentistry

Diagnostic tools help your dentist decide if cases are appropriate for immediate loading. You can then virtually remove teeth and design a surgical guide and the temporary prosthetics in one workflow. This enables the dentist to offer same-day placement.

Implant Studio in action

Get a feel for the way Implant Studio can bring your implantology to the next level.

Unrivalled open ecosystem

Choosing an open system is one of the best ways to secure access to the most up-to-date technology, materials, partners and prices. With our open ecosystem, you can directly connect with your preferred partners and secure the most cost-effective and relevant options for your lab. From treatment workflows to design services, libraries or 3rd party manufacturing partners – it’s all just a click away.

Service, packages and additional information

Our software comes with a wealth of options in terms of subscription or no-subscription service packages, training & support, software packages and additional features and functionality. Explore your options below.

Get training and help

If you’re new to digital implantology and could use a hand getting started with your software, we are here to help. Our YouTube channel offers a wealth of Implant Studio training videos. Should you need more, explore our Academy for product trainings. Our Community takes it even further with webinars and discussions for 3Shape customers.

Deep dive into a case study

Learn how Dr. Anthony Mak carried out a screw-retained implant crown restoration with a full digital workflow with 3Shape TRIOS, Implant Studio, 3Shape scan bodies and in collaboration with his lab using 3Shape Dental System.

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*X1, bone-supported guides and Abutment Design for design of screw-retained crowns are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the US.
Contact your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region or country.

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