3Shape TRIOS Design Studio

Same-day dentistry made simple


Designed for dentists

3Shape TRIOS Design Studio is a plug-and-play same-day dental solution. Create and mill crowns, inlays, bridges, veneers, and screw-retained crowns* right in your practice in minutes.

Step-by-step guided workflow for single-visit dentistry



Power your same-day dentistry with intraoral scans from the award-winning 3Shape TRIOS digital impression solution

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3Shape TRIOS is a design studio solution that does the work for you



You choose the machine you want for your production. Provide treatment in any material compatible with select and verified 3Shape trusted-connection milling machines and 3D printers

TRIOS design studio

Use our dental design solution to…

  • See high-res magnification of prep lines
  • Auto-trace margin line (easy-edit)
  • Auto-path of insertion (easy-edit)
  • Auto-restoration design (easy-edit)
  • Check contacts, occlusion, design and thickness (easy-edit)

TRIOS design studio

Why choose TRIOS Design Studio from 3Shape

  • Place restorations in one appointment
  • Easy to follow step-by-step workflow
  • Design where and when you want – workstation, any laptop or at home
  • You choose the milling machine and 3D printer
  • Digitally connect with labs to optionally send advanced cases

TRIOS design studio

Your choice of milling machines

Select from 3Shape trusted-connection milling machines for your manufacturing. 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio ¨seamlessly connects and automatically orients and decides where to attach the restoration to your material block. You just click “mill.”

TRIOS design studio

Your choice of material

You choose the material you want to manufacture with. If it’s compatible with your mill, you can use it. From IPS e.max CAD restorations to BruxZir and more, you choose the material and mill you prefer from our validated trusted connections.

Designing made easy

Design Studio - Fast and easy one-visit workflow

Dental Design Studio – Fast and easy one-visit workflow

3Shape TRIOS Design Studio’s intuitive step-by-step workflow enables you to spend more time with your patients and not as a dental technician.

Design Studio-Dr Shull_demos

Design Studio – Demos by Dr. Shull

“It’s almost automatic. Any adjustments are easy,” Dr. Franklin Shull, USA.

See Dr. Shull demo 3Shape TRIOS Design Studio.

A trusted connection means predictability

Trusted connections

3Shape has packed more than 15 years of restorative design engineering expertise into creating easy-to-use chairside dental design solutions for you. We have tested the connections with selected milling machines, so you can be assured of a validated workflow.

See our list of trusted connections milling machines and 3D printers.

*Abutment Design for design of screw-retained crowns is not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the US.
Contact your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region or country.

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