3Shape goes social

3Shape recognizes opportunities to use the advance of social media in the dental industry, and is now reaching out to its customers, partners and even competitors – our “FOLLOWERS”– with intensified social media activity across the major social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

And we are not alone. Over 900 million people “Like” and comment an average of 3.2 billion times every day. Over the past years, social media has been setting new rules for communication and information sharing.

Around the globe people of all ages, roles and industries are joining social media platforms. The internet has exploded in magnitudes of knowledge and opinion sharing through debates, blogs, LinkedIn groups, videos, and tweets. This sensational phenomenon has also reached the dental industry. YouTube has taken position as the world’s second largest search engine, and a unique platform for spotlighting technologies such as 3D scanning and CAD/CAM.

A large number of dentists and dental labs are awakening to the fact that social media is a powerful business opportunity just waiting there for anyone who cares to “like” it. Any partner, patient, or competitor who clicks a “Like” on the lab’s or clinic’s Facebook page is automatically exposed to a stream of information and communications about their services.  Interactive media lets labs and clinics meet their potential customers and create a loyal community around their business.

3Shape welcomes this new communication freeway and sharing spirit - and we wish to add our own voice to the throng. 3Shape’s goal is to get “up close” to our customers and partners, tell our stories through a fresh approach, help our customers with information, and get valuable feedback from the field. We believe that social media provides powerful opportunities for promoting digital dentistry and catalyzing its growth in a fresh and breezy manner. You can be a part of this by meeting us on the following channels: 


We have recently launched the official 3Shape Facebook page. Our Facebook page is designed as a micro-site featuring our dental solutions with customized pages for products, case studies and contact information. Furthermore, and most importantly, it is a platform for reading news, sharing videos, images, learning about events, tradeshows, new material and much more. Visit the 3Shape Facebook page here – and don’t forget to click the “LIKE” button to stay updated with news from 3Shape.


Our Twitter channel keeps our followers up-to-date with all kinds of hot 3Shape news, product news, live events, webinars and much more. During the last year, 3Shape has increased its activity on Twitter and, on average, we are now tweeting 2-3 times per week. Click here to visit our Twitter channel and join the growing community of 3Shape Followers.



The 3Shape YouTube channel offers a wide variety of Dental System™ design videos, testimonials, videos from live events and more. So far, our YouTube videos have been viewed more than 140.000 times! Click here to visit 3Shape’s YouTube channel and explore the newest Dental System™ features in action. Don’t forget to subscribe to the channel to receive e-mail notifications when new videos become available.

We strongly encourage you to join our social media community by following the links above and sharing them with your customers, colleagues and other people who may share an interest in the exciting new world of digital dentistry.

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