10 ways Dental System 2016 makes you more productive

Dental System™ 2016 has added some very cool new features to help you boost your dental lab's production and make your job easier. We've made designing faster and more intuitive while increasing software reliability. Dental System™ 2016 introduces several new workflows and functionalities as well as a completely rewritten application for impression scanning. The new impression scanning algorithm will quickly cut steps in your dental lab workflow. So much so that you might as well start trading in your gypsum-only model scanners. You no longer need them.

Impression scanning – the future is now

Impression scanning is now a reality and your future – no more waiting for models to set and no plaster inaccuracy. The new impression scanning software eliminates the need for you to pour gypsum models. Scan each side of a triple tray in less than 30 seconds and single trays in 75 seconds. Scan analog impressions and go directly to the CAD design – a workflow step-saver that can reduce your crown turnaround time by nearly one day.

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