Engage your patients more by visualizing changes in their dental status

TRIOS Patient Monitoring

Next-level patient engagement that enables you to visualize changes in dental status and bring the need for treatment to life.

Advance case acceptance with TRIOS Patient Monitoring

“We can now put digital models on top of each other, showing patients how much has been worn away. This highly improves acceptance for treatment,” Majken Wahl, dentist.

Stay up-to-date

with TRIOS patient excitement apps

Keep me informed

Monitor dental status to improve care

  • Scan every patient every time and continuously compare scans to gain early-stage detection of dental conditions
  • Provide more timely treatment plans and discuss them with patients
  • Document oral development and track treatment progression and results with accuracy and ease

Maximize patient engagement with TRIOS MOVE

Engaging your patients is easy with TRIOS MOVE, the new scanning setup from 3Shape. Equipped with wheels for effortless maneuverability, a flexible arm with total adjustability and a touch screen for ease of use, TRIOS MOVE enables you to bring your patients’ scans and treatments to life. TRIOS Patient Monitoring is also compatible with all TRIOS setups.

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Show patients their future smile with 3Shape TRIOS Smile

Simply take a photo of your patient's face, easily design their new beautiful smile in minutes and share it with your patient.

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Grow orthodontic treatments with 3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator

Scan your patient and show their present dentition compared to the simulated results of orthodontic treatment to gain case approval.

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