Excite your patients with a photorealistic snapshot of their future smile

TRIOS Smile Design

Excite your patients by showing them their future smiles from the comfort of their chair.

Advance case acceptance with TRIOS Smile Design

Seeing is believing! Activate your patients by visualizing the end results of their proposed treatment plan. For increased treatment acceptance, send your proposed smiles direct to patients’ mobile phones so that they can review, share and gain positive feedback on their new look from friends and family via the my3Shape app.

Stay up-to-date

with TRIOS patient excitement apps

Keep me informed

Intuitive interface with photorealistic results to share with your patients

  • Simple workflow that enables you to design smiles in just minutes*
  • Optimize patient communication and align expectations by visualizing and agreeing on the perfect smile with them in the moment

*The current average TRIOS Smile Design workflow takes just 4 minutes – data on file

Maximize patient excitement with TRIOS MOVE

Exciting your patients is easy with TRIOS MOVE, the new scanning setup from 3Shape. Equipped with wheels for effortless maneuverability, a flexible arm with total adjustability and a touch screen for ease of use, TRIOS MOVE enables you to bring your patients’ scans and treatments to life. TRIOS Smile Design is also compatible with all TRIOS setups.

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Provide better preventative care with 3Shape TRIOS Patient Monitoring

Compare a patient's scans between different visits to monitor developments in their dental status.

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Grow orthodontic treatments with 3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator

Scan your patient and show their present dentition compared to the simulated results of orthodontic treatment to gain case approval.

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