It all starts with superior scanning technology

Go Beyond SCANNING with TRIOS 3

The world’s first wireless intraoral scanner… and so much more than just a digital impression. TRIOS 3 enables you to Go Beyond SCANNING with next-level patient communication tools and a broad range of in-house production possibilities that ensure your practice stays ahead as your business grows stronger.

Wireless innovation

Scan unrestricted by wires, optimizing comfort for both you and your patients.

TRIOS excitement apps

Excite your patients by bringing expected treatment outcomes to life, and advance case acceptance like never before!

TRIOS Studio apps

Grow your business with a choice of software to design and produce in-house.

TRIOS excitement apps

Excite your patients by showing them their future smiles, and advance case acceptance.


“To be able to see what my smile could be, was very emotional. Now I’m at the point where it looks exactly like it did in TRIOS Smile Design. I can’t believe it!” Samantha Morra, Patient, New York, USA

TRIOS Smile Design

Show patients their future smile with 3Shape TRIOS Smile Design.

Simply take a photo of your patient's face, easily design their new beautiful smile in minutes and share it with your patient.

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TRIOS Treatment Simulator

Grow orthodontic treatments with 3Shape TRIOS Treatment Simulator.

Scan your patient and show their present dentition compared to the simulated results of orthodontic treatment to gain case approval.

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Gain next-level patient engagement and great ergonomics with TRIOS MOVE.

Excite your patients by displaying their scans and treatment designs up close, and enjoy the ease of always being able to position the setup in the right place for optimal comfort.

Learn more about how 3Shape TRIOS MOVE will excite your patients.

Superior scanning technology

Gain award-winning innovation to improve ease and excellence of scanning

AI scan technology delivers a cleaner scan, making the scanning workflow easier than ever.

TRIOS Patient Specific Motion records a patient’s individual jaw movement and highlights static and dynamic occlusal contact points so you can perfect the fit of your restorations.

TRIOS Studio apps

Gain profitable in-house production options with a range of add-on TRIOS software to grow your business and offer attractive same-day services

Compare our intraoral scanners

TRIOS comes in three different models. Go for preventive care aid technology or start with our entry-level scanning solution…and everything in between!

TRIOS 3 Basic

Go Beyond ANALOG

  • Superior scanning technology
  • An unrivalled open system

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  • Superior scanning technology
  • An unrivalled open system
  • Patient excitement apps
  • In-house production

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  • Superior scanning technology
  • An unrivalled open system
  • Patient excitement apps
  • In-house design and production
  • Caries diagnostic aid and monitoring tools
  • Enabling preventative care

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*TRIOS Diagnostic Aid software, Splint Studio and Abutment Design for design of screw retained crowns are not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the US.
Contact your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region or country.