3Shape launches its Post & Core solution and Scan Posts™

3Shapes Post and Core solution utilizes special scanning capabilities, 3Shape Scan Posts™, and sophisticated software tools ensuring reliable capture plus optimally shaped and functional Post and Core designs. The solution saves time by allowing lab technicians to design all layers in a single digital workflow.


3Shape patented Scan Posts™ – for use in clinics and labs
3Shape has developed special Scan Posts™ to facilitate accurate capture of the Post and Core restorations positions and depths. Scan Posts™ are applicable for both intraoral use in the clinic and for model scanning in the lab (Patent Pending).

Flexible input - scans from TRIOS and from lab scanners
The new solution can be used with both 3Shape TRIOS digital impressions and 3D scans of gypsum models. Dentists with TRIOS can kick-start Post and Core cases in the clinic by capturing and sending highly reliable input to the lab for direct designing. A special dual-scan workflow using 3Shape Scan Posts™ ensures accurate capture of true depths and positions of the root canal. If gypsum models are the input source, lab technicians simply insert Scan Posts™ in the model before scanning.

Sophisticated design tools
In the lab, technicians align the captured Scan Posts™ and let the software calculate positions and depths automatically. By first designing the anatomy layer and applying dedicated tools, technicians can create optimally shaped and functional Post and Core designs that are ready for manufacturing.

3Shapes Post and Core design solution is fully functional in the released Dental System™ 2013 software, and with 3Shape TRIOS.  3Shape Scan Posts™ are available for both dental clinics and labs through 3Shape distributors.