Grow your business with in-house design and production

Would you like to exceed your patients’ expectations and even offer options for same-day treatments? Easily plan, design and produce in-house for restorative treatments, implants, clear aligners, splints and orthodontics. Pair up a 3Shape TRIOS scanner with the TRIOS Studio Apps and get profitable in-house design and production options. The open system ensures seamless integration with leading 3rd party mills through trusted connections and compatibility with all 3D printers.

3Shape Studio Apps – even for same-day dentistry

TRIOS Design Studio

Offer your patients the convenience of complete restoration treatments in one visit, same-day. Design and produce a broad range of restorations, including standard and screw-retained crowns*, inlays, veneers and three-unit bridges. Read more

Implant Studio

If you’re placing implants, 3Shape Implant Studio enables an efficient and user-friendly digital workflow. Work with preferred partners or work in-house, and even offer same-day implant dentistry. Plan implant positions and then design and manufacture custom surgical guides and temporary screw-retained crowns* in a single workflow. Read more

Splint Studio

Now you can design and produce splints, night guards, protectors and similar dental appliances in-house with a simple, fast and intuitive workflow even same-day.* The app’s powerful software engine calculates the desired splint design in seconds. Read more

Clear Aligner Studio

Get a new high revenue opportunity and offer same-day start of treatments. This complete Clear Aligner solution enables you to design and produce clear aligners right in your practice. Clear Aligner Studio’s automated features and guided workflow make it easy to generate the setup and staging for each aligner required to move teeth from their original position and until the desired smile. Read more

Indirect Bonding Studio

Increase patient comfort, enhance dialog and save chair time. Visually guided workflow to digitally place the brackets on the malocclusion – see the projected outcome in real time. Design and print the transfer tray in minutes for same-day start of treatment. Choose from 550+ original bracket libraries and 25+ manufacturers. Read more


Tested integrations to mills and 3D printers

3Shape has tested the connections and integration of select milling machines and printers for use with the 3Shape TRIOS Studio Apps. So you can be assured of a seamless and validated workflow in your practice, save time and quickly get back to a waiting patient.

* Splint Studio and Abutment Design for screw-retained crowns not cleared by the FDA for clinical use in the US.
Contact your reseller regarding availability of 3Shape products in your region or country.