“It's like I am working directly on the patient,” Lee Culp, CDA, Sculpture Studios, USA.

TRIOS® Ready connects you

We live in a connected world. The faster and simpler the connection to your customer, the better for your business.

The 3Shape TRIOS Ready program cloud-connects dental practices and labs. It means dentists using TRIOS can find a lab listed below and simply connect with them to share scans, discuss cases and much more. It means your lab listed below can receive and work with TRIOS digital impressions and dentists can easily find you.

More and more dentists are choosing the TRIOS intraoral scanner. The TRIOS Ready program connects and advertises your lab to customers. Telling them that you work with TRIOS digital impressions, case information and much more. To get totally-connected you need to be using 3Shape software. Remember, it’s absolutely free to become a TRIOS Ready lab.

Not using 3Shape lab scanners or software? No problem.

If your lab is not using 3Shape software and lab scanners you can still be TRIOS Ready. With a TRIOS inbox, the TRIOS scans you receive are converted to .STL files minus the case information.

How to become TRIOS® Ready (for non-digital labs)

How to become TRIOS® Ready (using 3rd party design software)

TRIOS Ready가 되는 방법(Dental System 사용자의 경우)

Check out TRIOS® Ready "How to" videos

See how seamless the integration between TRIOS and Dental System is in our “How to” video webinar series. Brush up on your design skills with our tips and tricks webinars for restorative and orthodontic cases.

Deliver a trial case to get TRIOS® Ready

Contact us and the TRIOS Ready program will help you setup your system and complete a TRIOS workflow trial case. We’ll help you create your 3Shape Communicate account, prepare connectivity, and ensure your Dental System is completely up-to-date. The trial and your listing, as a TRIOS Ready lab, is all free.

Evaluation and endorsement

Once the trial case is complete, you and your 3Shape representative will evaluate the results and see if you need to fine tune the workflow. Once optimized, you’re ready - TRIOS Ready.

Upon completion,

  • You’ll receive a TRIOS Ready diploma for your marketing material
  • We’ll add your lab to the TRIOS Ready lab directory below



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Digital model design

Receiving TRIOS® orders in the Dental System

How to use TRIOS® Inbox™

Full anatomical crown on TRIOS® scan

Model Builder - Implant model

Model Builder and TRIOS® Integration