Changing Orthodontics

Chair time savings

Shorter treatment time

Improved patient comfort and dialogue

Why choose digital indirect bonding?

Save chair time and improve patient comfort
Digital indirect bonding enables you to load all brackets at the same time using a transfer media, instead of applying brackets one by one with direct bonding. You save time in the chair as well as improve your patients’ comfort. Using transfer media also enables you to delegate bracket placement to your assistants.

Why go digital with 3Shape Digital Indirect Bonding?

Setup-based bracket placement
Choose the bracket library and wires you prefer. 3Shape Digital Indirect Bonding automatically adjusts your patient’s malocclusion to create your ideal setup with just few clicks.
Guided workflow based on your preferences
Create and save your ideal setup – the software guides you through the rest based on your preferences. Any adjustments are simple, the software automatically makes the corresponding changes in the bracket placement.
Improved patient dialogue
Improve patient dialogue and treatment acceptance by enabling your patients to see their actual teeth in realistic colors onscreen.

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Demo of 3Shape Digital Indirect Bonding

Bracket libraries

3Shape uses only the official bracket libraries supplied by the manufacturer.

See which bracket libraries that are available in 3Shape Digital Indirect Bonding. The list is continuously updated.

Indirect bonding trays

Place the brackets and connect to your preferred TRIOS Ready Ortho lab for manufacture of your indirect bonding trays. If you have your own 3D printer, you can also print it in your own clinic.

Keep improving with TRIOS Orthodontics

Learn more about how your practice can benefit from the TRIOS intraoral scanner and 3Shape's industry-leading Orthodontic analysis and treatment planning software.

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