5 reasons to choose 3Shape Audio


EarMouldDesigner is great for beginners, with no skills needed to get started. You can have modelling completed in less than two minutes and quickly process orders with easy to use automated features.

  • Powerful easy to use software for Moulds & Casts
  • Easily model any custom fit ear piece design with predefined or custom shapes
  • Ensure quick and consistent designs
  • Fillet canal with customizable tip fittings, tapering and smoothing
  • Cast Print Moulds for Soft Silicone Production
  • Automatic placement of vents with flexible user control


ShellDesigner outstanding flexibility and ease of use makes it the only trusted software that allows you to model any Custom Fit Shells ready for 3D Print including Hearing Aids, Noise Protection or In-Ear Monitors.

  • Easily integrate with ShellManager
  • Automatic and precise control over surface, shapes and styles.
  • Automatic placement of electronics, sound bores and vents
  • Combine 3D model with Custom 2D overlays
  • Visualize components through all modelling steps
  • Import your own components and CAD models
  • Quickly process orders with automated features


ShellManager is outstanding 3D manufacturing management as it seamlessly integrate and direct the entire manufacturing process.

  • Visual Order Management across all production and workflow stages
  • Manage Production globally between ShellManager Systems with SWIFT Order Transferring
  • Complete Print Job Automation & Control
  • Complete integration with 3Shape Scanners


Complete and powerful management of the printing process with direct integration to most 3D printers available on the market.

  • Easily control all aspects of your print jobs
  • Automatic preparation of placement, orientation, support generation
  • Advanced Nesting Capabilities
  • Create and manage Multi-Layer Prints (provided the printer supports it)
  • Communication with all 3D printers on the market
  • Configuration rules automatically group items on the build platform
  • Optional printed boundaries for easy identification

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