3Shape - Novo TRIOS E-detailer App - disponível agora na App Store

3Shape proudly presents the new TRIOS e-detailer App - a new smart tool that makes it easy to show and tell the complete TRIOS story using your iPad.

The e-detailer is primarily designed to support 3Shape sales staff and our partners/resellers, but it is also a great way to tell anyone - family, friends, professional network - about 3Shapes TRIOS solution.

A perfect tool for sales efforts
The TRIOS e-detailer App helps you to present the 3Shape TRIOS digital impression solutions key features and benefits in a simple, clear and engaging manner.

The e-detailer is:

A hi-tech presentation tool that will impress your audience

Easy to use learn and use by sales professionals on any level of product expertise

An efficient way to quickly tell the TRIOS story

Highly visual showing features through videos and interactive 3D views

TRIOS e-detailer app

How do I get the App?
The new 3Shape App is available from today - free on the Apple store. The current version is in English and developed for iPad only. Translated versions and an Android based app will be made available soon. First coming localized versions: French, Korean, Spanish, German, Italy, Japan, Chinese and Portuguese.

Read more about the app on itunes https://itunes.apple.com/dk/app/3shape-trios/id875803206?mt=8


Install the TRIOS e-detailer today!
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Special thanks to Marketing, Product Management, and DK App developer Nikolas Borrel for making this happen!

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