10 ways 3Shape Dental System™ 2015 just made CAD/CAM technology so much better

To drive your dental lab’s business and cost efficiency, you need a CAD/CAM solution that is fast, accurate and easy to use.3Shape Dental System™ 2015 helps you provide the best services at the best possible prices.The widest range of indications and libraries.Integrated, clear and intuitive workflows.Award-winning desktop scanners.An ecosystem that lets you combine what you use today with what you may need tomorrow.Check out these 10 new ways the industry’s #1 CAD/CAM solution just made your digital workflow so much better.

Dental System 2015


义齿设计软件包括模型分析和 Smile 选择器,用于选择和调节最佳义齿数据库。三个全口义齿制作选项:粘合牙齿、注塑成型、底部修整,采用自动倒凹移除和车针补偿。